Poems by Joyce

Enero 21, 2002
San Blas
Monday Morning

Monday morning
in San Blas
a John Cage event
sound of sweeping
whirl of the fan
sweeping behind me
sweeping in front of me
the soft swish swish
of the broom
occasional outburst
of birds high above
roosters ever crowing
off in the distance
so peaceful
so quiet
it is enough
I smile and listen
to the music of life
life in San Blas

Enero 13, 2002
San Blas
A Rooster Crows

a rooster crows
a bird sings
lightening.... thunder
and the rain

a dark morning
church bell rings
day wants to begin
the storm puts the day
on hold.......

a strange quiet
in between the thunder
no light, no music
san blas waits

storm rules the morning
mourning.....too much
blessed by heavenly rain

day aching to begin
how the roosters
wait to crow
as lightening screams
across the sky and
thunder shakes the world

the gods have a message
they will be heard
on this dark, rainy
sunday morning

not the god of the
opulent churches
all tidy and prim
this is the goddess of earth,
of nature....a passionate,
merciless, demanding creator

you will hear
you will listen

there is much to say
to think, to feel
sitting in the dark
rocked by the intensity
goddess gives us fireworks
to start the day

Enero 23, 2002
San Blas
5 a.m.

a candle lights my room
while thunder, lightening
and rain greet the morning

neighbor walks thru rain
"joyce....you need a candle?"
yes....it burns bright
water boils on the stove
dark coffee warms insides

i have seen the light
i have heard the voice
a higher power is up
this morning...clearing
the crazy air of san blas

nothing left unbaptized
by this merciless/loving creator
all sit in the darkness of this day
watching heavenly light show
hearing thunder like storm surf
rain splashes down, an orchestra
of sound on the leaves, the roof,
and onto the pavement

san blas is a musical place
everything is louder here
the storm has a passion
like a mexican singer
holding nothing back
giving more than it has

day comes slowly
the dark hangs on
there is much to wash away
the dust, the tears
a candlelit morning
in san blas

Enero 21, 2002
San Blas

Duke followed me
to the beach today
wire hair, dirt and mange
he knows San Blas

He prances along
lifting leg here and there
"go home duke"
he doesn't hear me

Maybe he doesn't
understand english
I turn and throw
a pebble in his direction

An old man is walking
with his two dogs
I explain.....malo pero
si......he understands

He tells me in spanish
about his pinto dog
si....esta bueno pero
si si.....good dog

He asks if I am going
to la playa
si...es fresca a la playa
buena vienta....good breeze

We walk together
he asks if i am alone
si.....but my friends
are at the beach

This is good
he is happy to hear
that i am not alone
its not good to be alone

It was a happy moment
I love the small things
the old man, our walk
and his pinto dog

Duke was waiting
for me at home
guarding the gate
good dog.....bueno pero